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Keyed Drive Wheels - Custom Builds Available

Service Caster manufactures keyed drive wheels with either polyurethane or rubber treads. Friction drive wheels with a keyway are commonly used to power equipment, conveyors, lifts, and many other industrial applications. Drive wheel bores are available in Standard and Metric widths. The wheels ship with 2 set screws; one on the keyway and one 90 degrees from it. We can also supply you with replacement drive wheels for an existing application. Service Caster also provides in-house capabilities for custom cutting any type and size keyway, and re-bonding services to bring old wheels back to usable operation. Service Caster drive wheels are made in the USA; machined, assembled and packed at our West Reading, PA facilities.

Our onsite sales staff is here to assist you in choosing and ordering drive wheels, please call 1-800-215-8220.

Please note: Due to the many unknown special uses of keyed drive wheels generating more stresses & RPM’s than encountered in freewheeling applications, product warranties do not apply. If you are unsure of your specific application we encourage you to contact one of our Key Drive Wheel Specialists here at Service Caster Corporation.

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