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Casters Overview

The caster consists of three main parts: a fork (yoke), a wheel, and a fastener. The strength and construction of the fork combined with the wheel determines the weight capacity for any model caster. Light duty, heavy duty, and extra heavy duty are some of the designations used for categorizing casters. The types of connections include top plate, threaded stem, bolt hole, and expanding stem to name a few. Then, there are more specific types of casters for various environments, such as stainless steel and high temperature.

As it is, our casters cover an extremely wide range of products. They span from small wheel casters for appliances and furniture around the home and office to units able to support and move several tons in industry. We have over a million parts in stock and ready to ship. Need caster wheels for a special project or unique application? Custom made casters can be designed and engineered by our in house professionals. We also provide a complete line of wheels for repairing/upgrading a caster, or for use directly on equipment. Our office in Reading, Pennsylvania is fully staffed with experts that can help you get the exact casters you need.

See some of our most popular caster styles below.

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