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2 Inch (50 mm) Standard Duty with Grip Ring Stem 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" Top Plate
2 Inch (50 mm) Standard Duty with Grip Neck Stem 2-3/8 Inch (60 mm) Medium Duty with Grip Ring Stem
2-3/8 Inch (60 mm) Medium Duty with Grip Neck Stem 3 Inch (75 mm) Heavy Duty with Grip Ring Stem
Threaded Stem Casters

Hardwood Floor Safe Casters Protect Your Flooring Investment

Hardwood floors require caster wheel types that will not damage the floor, either by marring or marking. Choose selections with thermoplastic rubber (TPR), urethane, neoprene or polyurethane for optimum floor protection. This group of wheels is also highly recommended for laminate, linoleum and tile floor surfaces. When unsure of whether a caster will be used primarily on carpet or hardwood, it is best to choose a softer wheel which will prevent costly damage to hardwood flooring.

Looking for 3/8" grip ring stems or other stem sizes and types? Call 1-800-215-8220 for assistance from our expert sales staff.

Click on images below to view and shop hardwood, laminate, and tile caster selections.

softech caster

• Hardwood Floor Safe
• Thermoplastic Rubber Tread
• 3" and 4" Heavy Duty Option

pacer caster

• Durable Cast Metal Body
• Hardwood Safe Urethane Tread
• Decorative Colors

pilot caster

• Sturdy Metal Body Model
• Unhooded Metal Body
• Hardwood Safe Urethane Wheel Option

regent caster

• Versatile Single Wheel Caster
• Floor Safe Gray Thermoplastic Rubber
• Ball Bearing Swivel

ultima caster

• Nylon Body
• Floor Safe Urethane Tread
• Unhooded

omega caster

• Premium Quality Caster
• Floor Safe Wheel Options
• Ball Bearing Swivel

pivot boss replacement caster

Replacement Caster
• Nylon or Urethane Wheels
• 1-1/2" Pivot Boss
• 55mm Diameter Wheels