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Chair and Furniture Casters

Service Caster specializes in casters for new and replacement applications for furniture, chairs, and home and office equipment. All types of fasteners are available, including metric for specific models. For top plate models or other unlisted fasteners, give us a call, our sales team in West Reading, PA is here to assist you!

Check out our blog on choosing replacement chair casters here!

Did you know? Stem type and size is the determining factor for replacement. Regardless of chair or furniture manufacturer, many styles of casters can be used for your application. This would include using a single wheel in place of a twin wheel, and most commonly, swapping out casters for use on hardwood flooring.

Carefully measure your caster's stem before you buy. If you are unsure, visit tips on measuring casters, or call us at 1-800-215-8220 for help.

Click on images below to view and shop caster selections.

softech caster

• Hardwood Floor Safe
• Thermoplastic Rubber Tread
• 3" and 4" Heavy Duty Option

pacer caster

• Durable Cast Metal Body
• Nylon or Urethane Tread
• Decorative Colors

pilot caster

• Sturdy Twin Wheel Model
• Unhooded Metal Body
• Hardwood Safe Available

spherical ball caster

Spherical Ball
• Decorative Selections
• Tough Polyolefin Wheel
• Ball Bearing Swivel

ultima caster

• Unhooded Nylon Body
• Nylon or Urethane Tread
• 3" and 4" Heavy Duty Option

ball caster

• Metal Ball Caster Design
• Floor Safe Rubber Tread
• Decorative Finish

regent caster

• Versatile Single Wheel Caster
• Thermoplastic Rubber Option
• Ball Bearing Swivel

omega caster

• Premium Quality Caster
• Floor Safe Wheel Options
• Ball Bearing Swivel

source II caster

Source II
• Economical Caster
• Nylon Tread
• Brakes Available

pivot boss replacement caster

Pivot Boss Replacement
• 55mm Diameter Nylon or Urethane Wheels
• Grip Ring Stems
• 1-1/2" Pivot Boss