Caster and Equipment Wheel Bearings

Caster Wheel Bearing Options

Roller Bearings: Our standard bearing for caster wheels, sometimes known as needle bearings. Offering high load capacity, long life and easy rolling. Low speeds with short travel and minimal side thrust.

Delrin Bearings: Delrin a type of plastic known for its strength and resistance to water absorption. These bearings also offer a chemical resistance to most fuels and solvents.

Precision Bearings: A pair of Precision bearings replaces the roller bearings and spanner bushing. Higher speeds and duration plus a more quiet ride is possible over plain sleeve and roller bearings. Not recommended for high side thrust.

Tapered Bearings: Select when extended use, higher speeds up to 10 mph, and increased thrust from turns is expected. Tapered bearings provide optimum performance for extreme capacity applications.